Kamis, 30 Oktober 2008


Hi everybody....
Welcome to Stars Boutique.
Thanks very much for looking my blog and being very supportive to me.

Owning an Authentic Designer Handbags, Purse, Shoes, Clothes or Wallet, is a dream that all woman share. We also share this dream and have dedicated representatives traveling world wide searching for authentic designer merchandise that is available in the finest boutiques and outlets. Our pursuit has enabled us to offer brand new 100% guaranteed authentic designer handbags, purses, wallets, shoes , clothes and accessories at affordable discounted prices.

Stars Boutique is an " ONLINE BOUTIQUE ONLY " that sells designer name fashion items at some of the lowest price on the worlds.

We specialize in reselling new, preowned and second authentic designer handbags, purses, wallets, and accesories by FENDI, PRADA, CHRISTIAN DIOR, COACH, MARC JACOBS, CELINE, COACH, GUCCI and OTHER BRANDS. These are the same high end authentic designer handbags, purses, wallets, shoes, clothes and accessories purchased by the "Rich and Famous" and imported from EUROPE, UK, and US.
Our stock also comes for our personal collections, friends or directly from supplier / distributor the brand designer company in US, EUROPE, UK.

It is our goal to build relationships of trust with our customers by delivering quality authentic designer handbags, purses and accessories which are guaranteed to be 100% Authentic.

I personally pick and inspect every item and authenticate them with the experts.

Replica is a fake no matter how good it is. We believe that it is better to carry a used designer handbag then carrying a fake because there is nothing like the real them.

Got handbags, shoes, wallet and something you want to sell??
Got a question??

Don't hestitate to contact me.
Feel free to browse always authentic designer collection.

Happy Shopping, Gals

Stars Boutique

Call / Sms :

email : sevenstars_boutique@yahoo.com

Sorry, i regret that the price increase in US $ rate


-== All item are available for purchase -==

CHANEL Quilted Cambon Pink
Rp. 8.150.000

GUCCI Canvas with blue Stripe
Rp. 3.450.000

GUCCI Speddy Monogram Canvas
Rp. 3.4500.00

Rp. 5.350.000

FENDI B Bag Pink
Rp. 8.350.000
Retail 16.000.000


RP. 8.400.000

RP. 8.350.000

LOUIS VUITTON Like New Suhali Fabeleux White
RP 27.500.000 SALE-------> 25.500.000
RETAIl US $ 4350

LOUIS VUITTON USED Suhali Fabeleux Blue
Rp. 22.000.000
RETAIL US $ 4350

LOUIS VUITTON USED Speddy Monogram 30
RP. 4.350.000

LOUIS VUITTON Like New Suhali L'Ingenieux PM White

Retail US$ 3350

LOUIS VUITTON Suhali L'Ingenieux PM Blue
RP. 14.350.000

Retail US $ 3350

LOUIS VUITTON Damier Sierra Horisontal
RP 5.750.000

Brand New MARC by MARC JACOB Black Hiller Pebbled Leather Bag
Rp. 2.850.000

COACH Brand New Blue Khaki Signature Heritage Tote
Rp. 3.150.000

Used Guccisima Hobo Brown Leather
RP 6,150.000

COACH Like New Patchwork Signature Carly Bag
Rp. 3.250.000

Sorry, i regret that the price increase in US $ rate


BALENCIAGA LIKE NEW Griege First Classique
Rp. 14.000.000

BALENCIAGA LIKE NEW Turquoise Work Bag 2008
Rp. 15.500.000

BALENCIAGA 2006 Truffle Brown Twiggy
Rp. 13.900.000

BALENCIAGA LIKE NEW Blue Sky Giant Brief 2008
Rp. 17.750.000

We also required 30% downpayment to reserve the item, the rest of the amount should be paid before we sent you the items.

DOWNPAYMENT IS NOT REFUNDABLE if you cancel it and if you do not the rest of the balance of your item 10 days after we contact you that your items have comes. We can sell your item to somebody else.

We Ship all orders within the United States USPS Priority mail with insurance and signature required delivery confirmation. This is required because we do want your item authentic designer delivered to anyone other than you!

The items have to be pre-ordered and they will be shipped directly from our supplier in US, UK or EUROPE usually it takes around 21 days for the items to arrive in Indonesia. Please give an extra 5 days max. for us to process your order,, your order will be shipped together along with other customers' orders. We deeply apologized if the items come later than the expected date,, it all depends on the customs (bea cukai) in Jakarta as we have no control over it. Some cases,, it will take around 4-5 weeks for the packages to arrive,, once again it all depends on the customs. But no worries, we will send the item to you immediately after we receive it.

-- all bookings are final & cannot be cancelled --

Sorry, i regret that the price increase in US $ rate


BOOKED ITEM are goods sold out but still on the shipping from supplier in US.
We will sent for you immediately the item came.
Can not be purcshased expect bookers cancel their booking...

Sorry, i regret that the price increase in US $ rate


Sold items are goods sold and paid and cannot be bought unless stated available for order

BALENCIAGA USED Olive Green Twiggy
Rp. 14.000.000